It’s taken a while for this release to manifest… Lots of production work, edits, recording, filming, editing & promotion as ever goes into each release, this one has been worth the effort.   I’m very pleased with the outcome.  Hamburg’s hardest working producer & friend Merlin has done a great job on the music & mix, while my fiancée Charlie has helped film my parts in the video… I’m blessed to have good folk around me!

The digital single is up @ http://remark.bandcamp.com/track/everything

I’ve started to send to radio dj’s & blogs today, shares have been going on throughout social media platforms.   I’m planning to give this a two week promotional campaign, it’s a purely independent & self empowered venture, as always.   It feels good to have an upbeat ‘firing on all cylinders’ heavy hitting single out there now… The time is right!

Let It Rain – Phanchasm

It’s always good to release a song with a video that means something to me… even if the song is 6 years old!!!

Let It Rain has been given an awesome Remastered 2017 @IronSkinMusic Mix for global listening pleasure… Together with a well weathered ‘arty’ music video, filmed by Charlie Garland, up in the Highlands of Scotland over the Christmas festivities.

Producer & long time collaborator friend Damien Von Oslo, made this little beauty back in 2011 when we first began our Phanchasm project… It landed in my inbox the day it was… yeah you guessed it… raining,  cats & dogs outside!  So the mood was, ‘Let it rain, I’m happy writing to this slice of niceness’!  🙂   alas the song never made it off our Soundcloud page  https://soundcloud.com/phanchasm

We later released a ‘very’ limited edition 5 track EP CD that was sold at a handful of shows around Europe at the time, when I was performing with the Monkey Sons.

2017 looks like the Phanchasm brothers will pick up where we left off… with the now ‘Official’ release of Let It Rain… We’re gonna see what else comes our way, for something,  a little different to the norm… just the way we like it right!






Now Let’s See How They Run…

Earlier this month I put this video together & threw down a vicious verse alongside an ol’ friend from my home town of Brighton… MC Graphic Bars, on his debut single Now Let’s See How They Run… It’s a return to our musical roots, spitting venomous words over hardcore drums… on a banging production from our good friend Merlin over in Hamburg, topped off with chisel cuts from the infamous DJ Tones….  We all Rock hard on this one!!!

Being Human (music video)

I’m pleased with the end result of Being Human,  the time it’s taken to film everyone & edit has been a few months in the making, but worth the effort, completely!  🙂

I love it when a thought becomes manifest.  I set out with the intention of capturing everyday folk on film, just being their unique selves & that’s what comes across in the video… I asked friends & strangers alike to look at the camera for a few seconds, talking with their eyes, cos a look can say so much without words… I feel the faces fit the song perfectly!  This video has people in Glastonbury festival, Bury, Epsom, Nottingham, Tamworth, Brighton, Hamburg & places I’ve never been to in on it…

It’s the perfect B side to the 7″ vinyl, which has been selling well over @


Thanks to all involved in making this a real music video filled with real people, being there real selves.  No BS No Pretence just Being Human.


SOUL music video finished & uploaded to You Tube now… I’m pleased with the out come, it’s taken a while to piece it all together,  as Rakim said “Fitted like pieces of puzzles, complicated!”

It’s a good visual representation of the lyrics & meaning in what I’m saying in the song (there’s always a deeper side to my work which wants to come through in what I do).  I’m pleased about that,  as I want the viewer / listener to be stimulated… I’m not you’re run of the mill rap artist talking bollocks, that’s for sure!

Time to share the links on social media & let the people see the SOUL.



INSULT TO INJURY (Dark Matter Pt2)

The music video sees Crespo in the studio while Remark is being kidnapped, held hostage & drip fed poison by the prime minister Theresa May, enforced by secret agents (MI5? GCHQ?). These are dark times, the people in power only have the interests of the elite on their agenda while showing a total disregard for the poor, working classes and human rights. It seems that all are taken in by their lies, but true artists, musicians and free thinking people can see this!

It is adding Insult to Injury.

Free download available @ https://crespoandtheremarkable1.bandcamp.com/album/insult-to-injury-dark-matter-pt-2