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Here is my latest independent digital single release : http://remark.bandcamp.com/track/everything

Produced by Hip Hop’s hardest working concerto Merlin, over in Hamburg, Germany.

?EVERYTHING does that & then some!  Hurtling ?’s at society left right & centre Remark holds nothing back on this relentless pre-apocalyptic vocal ambush over a musical onslaught on the senses, he mans the turntable in the process while questioning society, elitism, global politics, propaganda, conformity, consumerism, terrorism & the mainstream media… We’re living in sinister times right now!

Remark highlights with intensity the insanity we face as a species in these suspicious times, where paranoia & fear ripple through the undercurrents of our psyche.

This digital single is released through bandcamp @


An independent hard hitting music video also accompanies



From The North Laine To The Night Sky


photo0jpgI made this album with Brighton beat maker & graffiti artist Req, in the wee hours of the morning at his home between 2007-8ish…!  We used a Juno keyboard, Garage Band & some break beats… The memories are a bit blurred but the ideas & jams were good!

I found the CD demo’s in 2014, so decided to upload to band camp for the love of em…

From The North Laine To The Night Sky is a tripped out, break beat driven,  jazzy, electronic, soul-sonic boom box blasting fresh fest!   All-be-it experimental & jammin’  ‘for the funk of it’ music… Some of the songs saw local singer Scarlet seducing the mic in her sensual manner with style & grace on ‘Diana’ , while we both got a tad serious on the experimental ‘Some Want It All’ punk esq track… We both laced funky vocals on ‘Iz The Wiz”  an old school fizzy Hip Hop rhyme & riddle kinda song!  ‘Sunshine’ has a kinda ‘cute’ hip hop / pop feel to it… that believe or not does work on a sunny day!  🙂  ‘Head Nod’ does indeed make your ‘head nod’! & ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’ has that blissed out electro feel, to see you from, yep you got it, dusk til dawn’!!!

*A free download for the funk of it…. enjoy the vibes 🙂



A New Beginning



Every moment of everyday is a new beginning, if we choose it to be!

This song, which I made with producer Crespo, is the 2nd song I perform in my live set and is a song that holds a lot of power in it.

In the current climate of things, globally theirs a lot of unrest, with the UK ‘Brexit’ conservative government in place & now the Trump administrators waiting to take hold of the USA…  Its left a lot of free thinking, free spirit people with fear of our future…  for it doesn’t look too bright, to be honest!

So,  music,  good old music, has a lot to play in keeping the mind in an optimistic state, on focusing on the now, on focusing on the breath (we breathe without thinking!), being alive on a planet that’s spinning in space, being part of this miraculous thing called life and owning the awe of this as the real ‘reality’, as apposed to the mainstream media infused ‘fearful’ state of being… Which is pushed in our faces where every we go in the modern world!

A New Beginning is a testament to this way… and yeah sometimes every moment of every day is about remembering this way…  Optimism is a door in ourselves that requires the owner to hold open, if only to allow some light in.

Even though the song is a few years old,  it’s still brand new to the world, and is a song I want to include in my live set, for one of human optimism, as well as at being a good song! The visuals to the back drop go perfectly with it…

It seems the human way,  in the face of adversity, to keep our spirits high, for the lows can be so overwhelming people get lost down there and don’t surface!

The original music used on A New Beginning which Crespo sampled, was from a Gospel song, originally titled ‘Jesus Is Just Alright’… Funny how a spiritual song, without the word ‘Jesus’ still holds as much power… in reclaiming the moment of life for celebration, perhaps this was an extract from the source, before organised religions got hold of it!  Who knows?

The lyrics go like this…


A New Beginning

Who knows,  what the future holds,  now who knows?

I tell ya that man…

Who knows,  what the future holds, now who knows…?

(you hear me alright?..  Yeah… haha!)

I don’t care what they may say – You know that’s true!

I don’t care what they may do – We know you know!

I don’t care what they may know – You know thats right…

I don’t count alright…

Hey you, We know that’s true,  do what you want make a break make a move

now in-to the groove we go,  intergalactic the magic’s so

How – can you afford to lose,  once you see that you can choose

you’re past and present, this is true,  see your future’s up in view now…


I don’t care what they may say – You know that’s true!

I don’t care what they may do – We know you know!

I don’t care what they may know – You know thats right…

I don’t count alright…

It’s the changing of the tide –

changing minds and changing time –

if you’re sleeping best to wake –

or your soul your sleep will take


Watch the way the rain’ll fall,  and watch the way the fakers fall

Gjve and take but don’t give in,  in this world we’re all living

It’s the changing of the tide,  that’s changing minds and changing time

of you’re sleeping best to wake,  or your soul your sleep will take…

cos who know’s…  what the future holds… now who knows?


Who know’s?  What the future holds,  now who knows!

I don’t care what they may say – You know that’s true!

I don’t care what they may do – We know you know!

I don’t care what they may know – You know thats right…

I don’t count alright…





SOUL music video finished & uploaded to You Tube now… I’m pleased with the out come, it’s taken a while to piece it all together,  as Rakim said “Fitted like pieces of puzzles, complicated!”

It’s a good visual representation of the lyrics & meaning in what I’m saying in the song (there’s always a deeper side to my work which wants to come through in what I do).  I’m pleased about that,  as I want the viewer / listener to be stimulated… I’m not you’re run of the mill rap artist talking bollocks, that’s for sure!

Time to share the links on social media & let the people see the SOUL.



7″ SOUL #VINYL RELEASE EVENT : Saturday 29th October, Brighton.

sat-29th-oct-gig-poster-1I’m getting hyped for next weeks #vinyl release event & performance!  It’s been almost a year since I last played in my home town of Brighton, the last gig was with my crew Sublime Wizardry when we supported the mighty Public Enemy @ the Concorde2 club.

This time it’s for the release of my first solo 7″ #vinyl : SOUL / Being Human, that I’ve self-released through our own Show & Prove Records label,  sales have started now @



I’m proud to be joined on the night by turntable scratch-master DJ Tones & electronic beat maestro The Jezter… plus I’ll be collaborating with the lyrically furious MC, Graphic Bars, on a new tune we’ve made with Hamburg’s finest Hip Hop producer Merlin!  It’ll be the first time we’ve performed it live, footage of the throw down will be used for the new video we’re putting together.  It’s always good to work on new tunes & video’s , that keep the creative mind-muscles fined tuned!

It feels good to be doing what I do right now.  If you’re local to Brighton, it’d be good to see you there.  #Vinyl #CDs & #Cassettes from the crew will be available on the night.

Love & Light to you & yours.



Rough Trade / Record Collector


Rough Trade Nottingham now stock 7″ SOUL / Being Human…  I wanted Rough Trade to be the first shop to stock the vinyl,  it’s a shop that represents the independent arts in a very cool way.  The lay out of the shop, decor & vibe is a comfortable one, they cover all styles of music, so my record will feel at home in there!  I’m into music that has original flavours, cutting edge & sonically interesting on the ears ya know… Rough Trade have always represented artists who make just that!

I drove up to Sheffield after Notts to Record Collector,  I wanted to meet the dude who’s had the shop since the 1970’s,  that’s always supported local & underground indie music.  They don’t have much hiphop in the racks, but this record is more indie / electronic sounding that I feel will grab the attention of fans of those genres more than hip hop,  tbh!record-collector-7-wall

#Indie #Electronic #HipHop #LimitedEdition #Vinyl Sales are starting to happen from my band camp site :


It’s nice to have a few fans who’ve supported my work through out the years. I know they know good music!

Next step is to finish the music video for SOUL & release it this weekend, then promote it, along with the vinyl release gig happening next weekend 29th October in Brighton.

No rest for the wicked…..  as the saying goes eh!













Promo’s to radio dj’s, music press & promoters…

img_0346It’s the DIY ethos all the way with this release, as has been with previous releases, it just feels a bit closer to home being my first 7″ solo record!

It’s a costly thing, not only the cost of pressing up the vinyl but the mail outs, envelopes, postage, promotional time online & networking, all add up!  Not that I’m complaining, cos I’m not,  just sometimes it’s good to feel like you’re not alone in this game, that’s why I fully appreciate people who share my music & video’s online,  cos without them it’s a pretty hard slog attempting to reach people without the £’s to push art in this world, as I’m sure a few know all about!

I knew that this release will be used mainly as promotion, I wanted to get a copy to all radio dj’s, music press & promoters who play, review & promote good music.  If it get to break even for costs of the record it’ll go directly into the pot for the next record, which I’m already beginning to visualise!  It’s the artist’s path I walk on,  some moments are sheer bliss & enjoyment being able to do what I want to do, other moments are frustrating & disheartening…  thus the artists path!   The thing I have most in is belief in the music & in my abilities to deliver it live.  I’ve seen many artists who’ve managed to reach people on a national level & I’ve often thought, if they can do it, I CAN,  if ya know what I mean!

It’s about making a statement in song & making something No-One has made before now, more than ever before.   Both songs on this record are original, No samples, No breaks, just All original sounds… which I’m proud of.   They stand alone.  As I do.  Working with producers who know their craft , is helping me evolve my song-writing in a way that feels unique to me…  Remarkable,  you know!

SOUL is now online to listen @

I’m uploading both songs to band camp for 7″ vinyl pre-sales as I type… while gathering info / addresses for more promo mail outs.

As Blade said “Forwards with the music, come!”




SOUL on Soundcloud

SOUL can be heard on Soundcloud now.  Pre-Sales for the Limited Edition 7″ #Vinyl via https://theremarkable1.bandcamp.com happen this week.

Lyrics, Vocals & Music by Remark The Remarkable 1

Additional Bass, Guitar, Drums & Production by Enn Leonard @IronSkinMusic

Turntablism by DJ Tones

An Independent Artists Release

Show & Prove Records 2016


Gig in Worthing @Bar42 9th Oct

It was a good warm up gig last night in Worthing… New songs & visuals worked well, always good to get feedback / reactions from friends & new fans!  Sold a few cd’s & vinyl, so it was a successful gig to my ears & eyes 😉

Good to hang out with The Jezter, Crespo, Sam, Kathy & my good woman Charlie…

Remark (The Remarkable 1) #Indie #Rap #Vinyl & #Video : Next gig 29th October in Brighton @The Quadrant for the 7″ #Vinyl official release event…

#Vinyl mail outs to radio DJ’s & press

img_0328The production line in my #DIY #Indie #Electronic #HipHop #Music world has been all go!  Most major DJ’s on BBC 6Music, indie radio stations & DJ’s who’ve supported my music, all get a promotional copy, biography & press release of my new 7″ #Vinyl.

The official release date is Saturday 29th October,  at the #vinyl launch gig @ the Quadrant in Brighton.  I’m holding back with the music video’s & digital release until afterwards.

7″ SOUL / Being Human : featuring DJ Tones with production by @IronSkinMusic

#Quality #Indie #Electronic #HipHop #Music #Vinyl & #Videos