Thrown To The Wolves 7″ vinyl & video

tttw-cover-hiresSometimes man has to throw down as hard as the beats he’s rapping on… Thrown To The Wolves is a testament to that…. It felt like returning home, to where I started,  at the House Of Hardheads with Deliverance back in the early 90’s, only this time my old rhyming spar Sirvive is on the beats & mixing board with his new production power house @IronSkinMusic : The venom is there, as poisonous as ever… lyrically spraying words of wisdom over a musical template stronger than any bottled 100% proof, we lay rest to the petty wackness that holds no weight in this world… We joined forces with long time comrade-in-arms Silas from Switzerland…  old school Brighton stalwart Graphic Bars & Warped Ethics’s very own Graf writer / MC Exile.   TTTW is a heavy hitting hardcore throw-down, a ferocious lyrical spit over a venomous beat with beastly undertones & groans from the belly of underworld…  Check the new music video I put together, full of wild Wolves, retro horror flicks & lots of anger!

The vinyl boasts Silas’s The Return to burn on the A side… & the B side contains the posse, the wax has just landed from Switzerland,  I have a box of these limited edition bangers ready for mail out… It’s also available direct from Silas @

Peace…  from the belly of the beast!


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