Home studio on the kitchen table…

kitchen studioThe album is a works in progress… I’m in deep now, 10 songs strong!  Some songs seem to of poured from me effortlessly, while others are taking their time in changing direction & shaping themselves into new scores as they go!  Being that I’m a rapper first then self-taught musician /  producer secondly I’m not doing too badly… The songs are all original, only using three vocals samples on three separate songs to round off the concepts theme.   I’ve been working with guitarist / singer Jamie B, who’s added acoustic guitar & backing vocals on two songs.  The album will also feature Miss Kathy Porter from the Yew3ree project we worked on together a few years ago & Brighton rapper Graphic Bars. Production mix & mastering will come from Nick Leonard @IronSkinMusic, we’re planning to start working together at his studio near Hastings from October.

As of now its back to the albums song writing.  The kitchen table never sounded so good!


Thrown To The Wolves 7″ vinyl & video

tttw-cover-hiresSometimes man has to throw down as hard as the beats he’s rapping on… Thrown To The Wolves is a testament to that…. It felt like returning home, to where I started,  at the House Of Hardheads with Deliverance back in the early 90’s, only this time my old rhyming spar Sirvive is on the beats & mixing board with his new production power house @IronSkinMusic : The venom is there, as poisonous as ever… lyrically spraying words of wisdom over a musical template stronger than any bottled 100% proof, we lay rest to the petty wackness that holds no weight in this world… We joined forces with long time comrade-in-arms Silas from Switzerland…  old school Brighton stalwart Graphic Bars & Warped Ethics’s very own Graf writer / MC Exile.   TTTW is a heavy hitting hardcore throw-down, a ferocious lyrical spit over a venomous beat with beastly undertones & groans from the belly of underworld…  Check the new music video I put together, full of wild Wolves, retro horror flicks & lots of anger!

The vinyl boasts Silas’s The Return to burn on the A side… & the B side contains the posse, the wax has just landed from Switzerland,  I have a box of these limited edition bangers ready for mail out… It’s also available direct from Silas @


Peace…  from the belly of the beast!


Knee deep in the album!

20728310_729427817264723_7076200405189500384_nEzee,  I’m lovin’ the creative process of this album!  It’s becoming a labour of love that I know will serve me well, there’s some great songs coming though me right now, I’d go so far as saying it’s some of my best work!  Created on Pro Logic X on my MacBook Air, with only a mini midi-keyboard, (there’s only one sample used as part of a hook) all the rest of the songs are original, from scratch, mostly up-beat material, with only one down-beat tune.  I’m going for a contemporary sounding album, I want to hear these songs on day time radio shows as well as credible stations.  I want these songs to reach music fans from other genres outside of Hip Hop.  My roots are in rap but there’s sung & spoken word songs on this album that will reach people outside my radar yet to hear my work.

As an independent artist & fan of good music I’ve got a great feeling about this project.  The songs are being mixed & mastered by electronic engineer Enn Leonard @ Ironskin Productions for the fullest & fattest flavour possible.  The long term plan is to have the album finished for the new year, start the process of working with musicians in spring to be able to start gigging in the summer of 2018.  A move back to the South-east is happening in autumn, where I’m planning to finish the last of the songs in the hibernation time of winter.  We’re in the demo stage at the moment, 8 songs deep & it’s already shaping into an epic sounding album to be proud of.  The theme is a journey through life, into the inner as well as the outer territory’s we travel through while alive.  I’m disclosing some personal truths as well as worldly observations.  I’m consciously not listening to the news or taking in too much external influences from social media platforms for the writing process… I threw out my T.V years ago, so censorship is only needed when I go about my day to day activities’ out doors… cos distractions are unnecessary & sway me off the path of positive intent.   There will be of course a moody reflection of that process in places, I’m a realist at the end of the day, it’s not all love & light, unfortunately!  Never-the-less there are some uplifting moments that will lead the listeners into the lighter side of life where foot tapping, thigh slapping and bodily movements are things we just can’t resist, a bit like a ray of sunshine on a bleak, wet, miserable grey day…   Music man, thank fuck for music I tell ya!

To conclude, I want this album to have a handful of potential singles I can use to promote it, I may even pass it on to a few credible indie labels, but the chances are it’s gonna be a DIY album, digital, until I get the finances to press up CD’s & vinyl if possible, it’s just the distribution & promotion I need… But that’s not for a while yet, I don’t need to worry myself with the stress of that outcome just yet, back to the creative process & most of all to the enjoyment it’s bringing me, that’s all that counts right now!


Photo (sneakily taken) by my missus Charlie Garland @leavesbehindwinter