Remark walks into the silenceI’m writing a few songs with themes of light, as posed to the darkness reflected in the world and in my work lately.   I’ve been arranging the structure of songs to move with the vocals in-sync with the feel of the music as much as possible.  My keyboard skills are pretty basic 12 bar blues, but with the co-creative energy and skills of long time friend producer Nick Leonard from IronSkinMusic, the vibes are shaping into songs that are becoming fit for public domain and I’m very happy with them.  I’ve wanted to make a few contemporary songs for a while now, mainly because I get frustrated at putting a lot of time and energy into projects that seem to become quickly lost or forgotten on the underground scene,  mainly because it’s specialised music.

I want to hear my songs on contemporary radio stations in the daytime, not just on specialist online rap radio shows, it’s not a case of ‘selling out’ anymore, I’ve been true to the art-form as much as I could have been for almost 30 years!

I want my lyrics to reach further afield, which means more maturity of song writing, more chord progression and structuring, to make people want to hear the song again, and again!  There’s nothing wrong with that…  If a hardcore rap fan of mine doesn’t like it, he can listen to the back cat on repeat until he’s satisfied, I want to make as much good music as possible, as original as I can, without samples, songs from scratch that say something.  I also want to make a living out of this, like other artists I see, whom many in my opinion aren’t even that creative, they just have a money making machine and team behind them!

I still feel I have a lot to say but have been saying too much and possibly too fast for most fans of music to get, only the older avid underground UK Hip Hop fans and not even most of those it seems!   So, I’ve been putting my energy into crafting songs with shorter verses, with bridges and choruses that will have a wider audience appeal.  Similar to when I was working with the Monkey Sons band some years back.  I’m visualising what will work for live gigs with musicians in the mix.  My decision to move back east for live work next year means I have time to develop an albums worth of songs to start getting a band together for gigs next summer… that’s the plan anyhow.

I’m gonna release a few singles / music video’s in the mean time.   Starting production with an optimistic ‘light’ one in the pipeline next week with Nick (Just finalising the edit / mix) & an upbeat rowdy number with Merlin in the weeks to follow.   A few others are in the pre-production stages.  A 7″ vinyl and video collaboration with Swiss rapper Silas is about to be unleashed and an EP project with producer Systemata, alongside Graphic Bars in on the horizon also.

As the days go on my love of music grows.  I’m as much a fan of The Beatles as I am Public Enemy,  I feel it’s only right to progress with my songwriting to bring all aspects of emotion through with the music to develop songs that stand alongside the greats… High standards perhaps but standards that are realistic & possible when the mind is in sync with the music.   It is indeed the universal language and I give thanks for the ride.

Here’s a poem I wrote this week while walking through a park by a river…

I knelt before the Yew tree

I saw the sublime wizardry 

I felt my own Deliverance 

Rescue me from danger…

I once heard the story

of the Hundredth Monkey

I jumped the Phanchasm 

But fell through the gap

Now all that lies in me is my ability to rap

But few will every hear the sonics of a song

Cos the only thing missing is the money to push it on

The promotion had been missing from the beginning of the start

But it’s not like I was looking to make a living out of art

It was all for self expression 

A means to make an arc

A vessel out of hell to propel my own remark

I didn’t give a toss if It was trendy or cool

Now thirty years later I’m what you’d call old school 

A veteran at this

Spoken words within a fist

Just trying to exist 

cuttin through the worldly mist 

If I didn’t follow art

I’d follow nothing else

I’d only be an empty vessel searching for a self

I found my inner voice

Talking to the wind

Walking with the wilderness within the world I’m in

Gathering my thoughts 

Walking out the pain

Talking to the emptiness that’s calling out my name….

R to the E 


there’s something to be said about keeping it in the day…

No matter what they say

& the wicked games they play

No matter what they say

Keep your life in the day.


THE THING – Fan based music video

THE THING REMARKJohn Carpenters classic cult sci-fi movie has been one of my favourites since first seeing it on VHS as an 11yr old boy!  The location, the mood, the acting, the effects & the music moved me as a yongster… It wasn’t so much the horror or suspense of this movie it was the depth that stirred in me the most that got me…  Who was next to be infected?  & by what??   Many conversations with friends who loved The Thing as much as myself over the years, spurred me on to write a low-fi instrumental piece of music, so yesterday I edited the 1982 trailer to fit the short tune… which uses dialogue from Kurt Russel’s narration as well as the signature theme tune chords that John played.

The piece is available to download over@

Rap Music @Bar42

IMG_5323Felt good blasting ?Everything out of my lungs over the P.A that BOOMED out the backing track on Friday night live… Merlin did a grand job on producing that fired up beat!

It was good to hook up with old mates & meet some new ones at the gig… Worthing is turning into a hub of good musicians & rappers it seems!  I’ve known producer Crespo & electronic whizz-kid The Jezter for some years but Worthing’s doing well for local talent emerging on-the-up.  It was good to see MC’s Aleon & Graphic Bars both deliver quality rap performances on the night, as well as improvised jamming from The Jezter’s psyche-beat Perestroika band.

I’m looking forwards to getting back to Bar42, where the sound is as good as the audience’s appreciation of good Rap Music… my kinda place!