?everything Remark

Here is my latest independent digital single release : http://remark.bandcamp.com/track/everything

Produced by Hip Hop’s hardest working concerto Merlin, over in Hamburg, Germany.

?EVERYTHING does that & then some!  Hurtling ?’s at society left right & centre Remark holds nothing back on this relentless pre-apocalyptic vocal ambush over a musical onslaught on the senses, he mans the turntable in the process while questioning society, elitism, global politics, propaganda, conformity, consumerism, terrorism & the mainstream media… We’re living in sinister times right now!

Remark highlights with intensity the insanity we face as a species in these suspicious times, where paranoia & fear ripple through the undercurrents of our psyche.

This digital single is released through bandcamp @


An independent hard hitting music video also accompanies



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