?everything Remark

Here is my latest independent digital single release : http://remark.bandcamp.com/track/everything

Produced by Hip Hop’s hardest working concerto Merlin, over in Hamburg, Germany.

?EVERYTHING does that & then some!  Hurtling ?’s at society left right & centre Remark holds nothing back on this relentless pre-apocalyptic vocal ambush over a musical onslaught on the senses, he mans the turntable in the process while questioning society, elitism, global politics, propaganda, conformity, consumerism, terrorism & the mainstream media… We’re living in sinister times right now!

Remark highlights with intensity the insanity we face as a species in these suspicious times, where paranoia & fear ripple through the undercurrents of our psyche.

This digital single is released through bandcamp @


An independent hard hitting music video also accompanies



?Everything on Fresh Faves 245

Nice little review from @SteveHarris of Fresh On The Net this week…

“There are lots of ways you can have your hip hop, but to my mind it’s a genre that lends itself especially well to protest and social commentary. Remark packs a lot into ?Everything with a massive wall of sound that immediately sets the scene, and leaves you in no doubt about the message, which comes at you fast in this hard-hitting track.”

Remark, aka Remark (The Remarkable 1), is a Brighton-based vocalist, MC, producer, DJ and video maker, who for 20 years has co-created with various producers, with Hamburg’s Merlin producing this track, which is available now on Remark’s Bandcamp page.


?Everything on HipHopGods show!

hiphopgodsGood to get airplay on Rapstation by DJ Flatline… The only UK independent artist on the show & goddamn it sounded good coming in at the end of the show like BOOOOOOM!!!!

He said it reminded him of old school UK Hip Hop crews like Hijack, Silver Bullet & Gunshot, which is the closest it comes to anything to be honest, no new artists are making tracks like this that’s for sure!  Feels good to be indie right now.

Link to the show…  http://www.rapstation.com/show/3/hiphopgods-radio


It’s taken a while for this release to manifest… Lots of production work, edits, recording, filming, editing & promotion as ever goes into each release, this one has been worth the effort.   I’m very pleased with the outcome.  Hamburg’s hardest working producer & friend Merlin has done a great job on the music & mix, while my fiancée Charlie has helped film my parts in the video… I’m blessed to have good folk around me!

The digital single is up @ http://remark.bandcamp.com/track/everything

I’ve started to send to radio dj’s & blogs today, shares have been going on throughout social media platforms.   I’m planning to give this a two week promotional campaign, it’s a purely independent & self empowered venture, as always.   It feels good to have an upbeat ‘firing on all cylinders’ heavy hitting single out there now… The time is right!