?everything RemarkI return to burn with a fistful of anger on an uptempo head banging hip hop track produced by Hamburgs hardest working Sublime Wizardry producer Merlin…

?EVERYTHING does that & then some!  Hurtling ?’s at society left, right & centre,  I hold nothing back on this relentless pre-apocalyptic vocal ambush over a state-of-emergency musical onslaught on the senses…  Questioning mainstream society, elitism, global politics, propaganda, consumerism, terrorism & fake media…  Highlighting with intensity the insanity we face as a species in these suspicious & paranoid times.

A hard hitting music video accompanies the single & will be uploaded on Friday also…  This is an independent artists release so I reserve the right to say…



Is There Enough? – Graphic Bars

New music video I’ve put together with Brighton MC Graphic Bars & Hamburg producer Merlin… Is There Enough?

Filmed on the South Coast last month, the video sees Graphic Bars rhyming his personal observations while questioning Is There Enough To Go Around?   The music video also features GB’s little daughter Graphic Stars… which seals the video in human realism, as the saying goes, it’s “keeping it real”!      Enjoy.

From The North Laine To The Night Sky


photo0jpgI made this album with Brighton beat maker & graffiti artist Req, in the wee hours of the morning at his home between 2007-8ish…!  We used a Juno keyboard, Garage Band & some break beats… The memories are a bit blurred but the ideas & jams were good!

I found the CD demo’s in 2014, so decided to upload to band camp for the love of em…

From The North Laine To The Night Sky is a tripped out, break beat driven,  jazzy, electronic, soul-sonic boom box blasting fresh fest!   All-be-it experimental & jammin’  ‘for the funk of it’ music… Some of the songs saw local singer Scarlet seducing the mic in her sensual manner with style & grace on ‘Diana’ , while we both got a tad serious on the experimental ‘Some Want It All’ punk esq track… We both laced funky vocals on ‘Iz The Wiz”  an old school fizzy Hip Hop rhyme & riddle kinda song!  ‘Sunshine’ has a kinda ‘cute’ hip hop / pop feel to it… that believe or not does work on a sunny day!  🙂  ‘Head Nod’ does indeed make your ‘head nod’! & ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’ has that blissed out electro feel, to see you from, yep you got it, dusk til dawn’!!!

*A free download for the funk of it…. enjoy the vibes 🙂