As time goes on,  it’s becoming more apparent to me that I listen mostly to Hip Hop from the late 80’s – mid 90’s… For UK Hip Hop particularly these were the ruff, rugged & raw hardcore days!  All the beats & rhymes were on point… as were the concepts, cuts & productions on all the above, & more…

So it makes sense for me to pay homage to the Hip Hop I still listen to & love.  No bling, No  big sales team & No BS about any of these underground nuggets… Which is why they still stand as strongly as they did 20 something years ago!

The track I’m compiling uses a few bars of all the tracks that gave me motivation & inspiration to create my own rap music with fellow underground artists I’ve worked with… My old crew’s Deliverance, Hundredth Monkey, Monkey Sons & Sublime Wizardry, all get a name check… as I lace a loose story board together in rhyme…   The song is 70% finished, I’ve asked DJ Tones to join me in lacing the track with the appropriate cuts n scratches… he’s a master at what he does & we both lock horns when it comes to co-creating authentic underground UK Hip Hop.

O.K.   Back to the beats….


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