As time goes on,  it’s becoming more apparent to me that I listen mostly to Hip Hop from the late 80’s – mid 90’s… For UK Hip Hop particularly these were the ruff, rugged & raw hardcore days!  All the beats & rhymes were on point… as were the concepts, cuts & productions on all the above, & more…

So it makes sense for me to pay homage to the Hip Hop I still listen to & love.  No bling, No  big sales team & No BS about any of these underground nuggets… Which is why they still stand as strongly as they did 20 something years ago!

The track I’m compiling uses a few bars of all the tracks that gave me motivation & inspiration to create my own rap music with fellow underground artists I’ve worked with… My old crew’s Deliverance, Hundredth Monkey, Monkey Sons & Sublime Wizardry, all get a name check… as I lace a loose story board together in rhyme…   The song is 70% finished, I’ve asked DJ Tones to join me in lacing the track with the appropriate cuts n scratches… he’s a master at what he does & we both lock horns when it comes to co-creating authentic underground UK Hip Hop.

O.K.   Back to the beats….


Let It Rain – Phanchasm

It’s always good to release a song with a video that means something to me… even if the song is 6 years old!!!

Let It Rain has been given an awesome Remastered 2017 @IronSkinMusic Mix for global listening pleasure… Together with a well weathered ‘arty’ music video, filmed by Charlie Garland, up in the Highlands of Scotland over the Christmas festivities.

Producer & long time collaborator friend Damien Von Oslo, made this little beauty back in 2011 when we first began our Phanchasm project… It landed in my inbox the day it was… yeah you guessed it… raining,  cats & dogs outside!  So the mood was, ‘Let it rain, I’m happy writing to this slice of niceness’!  🙂   alas the song never made it off our Soundcloud page

We later released a ‘very’ limited edition 5 track EP CD that was sold at a handful of shows around Europe at the time, when I was performing with the Monkey Sons.

2017 looks like the Phanchasm brothers will pick up where we left off… with the now ‘Official’ release of Let It Rain… We’re gonna see what else comes our way, for something,  a little different to the norm… just the way we like it right!