2016 Round UP!

I love music, I live music, I breathe music, I eat, sleep & yeah I dig music… Not all music but mostly, mine, ha!  
A BiG UP to everyone who’s supported & shared my projects in 2016, I know a good few indie artists making original work, it’s always refreshing to see ‘Good stuff’ being made, Keep it UP… The world needs us!

Here’s an annual Independent Music round up from me…

Tomorrow sees the start of a New Year…. & Phanchasm are set to unleash the ‘official’ release of ‘Let It Rain’ along with a new Remastered mix by Ironskin Productions & a stylish ‘art’ video, filmed by Charlie Garland… 2017 sees the lads set to step into unchartered territory for song writing… making #interesting #original #music # #  #createyourowngenre

This year I self-released my 1st 7” vinyl as The Remarkable 1 alongside Ironskin Productions & DJ Tony Tones using the Show & Prove Recordslabel for it’s launch party in Brighton… Thanks to everyone who came along & supported us!
I made videos for both SOUL & Being Human @

I featured on & put together a music video for Graphic Bars & Merlin‘s debut ‘Now Let’s See How They Run’ featuring the turntable technician DJ TonyTones @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeyvR-v2mHQ
Be sure to check out the lads album when it drops in 2017!

Crespo & The Remarkable 1unleashed Dark Matter Pt2 ‘Insult To Injury’ gaining exposure from 6Music : Free download @ https://crespoandtheremarkable1.bandcamp.com/…/insult-to-in…
I was pleased with ‘the media kidnap’ music video I put together @ https://youtu.be/1CCrOOhftX4
I also made music videos for It Changes / Star Stuff (We’re Made Of) & A New Beginning…. All videos on my YouTube channel & @ https://remarkable1ness.com/category/videos/

Spiral Nucleus released An Eye For An Eye @ https://spiralnucleus.bandcamp.com/track/eye-for-an-eye
Featuring the deck smasher DJ Tony Tones @ https://youtu.be/FEDMlGDfWEY
SN also released the freestyle NeuStyle @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2p6Q4ewLJs
& for true seekers & truth speakers… The True Face Of God @

Deliverance vinyl back cat is being converted to digital & a few are available @ https://deliveranceukhiphop.bandcamp.com

Fireball Flingaz have recorded an albums worth of material… but it’s still a classic in the makin’… 2017 will see us return to burn once again!!!

I featured on & put a music video together for Iceski&Merlin on For The People @ https://youtu.be/BqkQbKC7IB0
Alongside DJ Highfly on the cuts… filmed around Bristol by Charlie Garland.

I released an instrumental song called Happening At Once
https://theremarkable1.bandcamp.com/track/happening-at-once Along with a music video, exploring the phenomenon @

& on New Years day 2016 I released a music video / single alongside Merlin Afk For The Love Of It (Hip Hop) @
https://youtu.be/WNljja8wSPo filmed around Melbourne’s Graffiti halls of fame, on a trip of lifetime to OZ!

It’s been a productive year looking back at it!

2017 will see me balance fire in one hand & water in the other… So the steam I release is perfectly balanced, God knows this man needs it… if ya get my drift!

Here’s to a productive & successful 2017… P.E.A.C.E


Now Let’s See How They Run…

Earlier this month I put this video together & threw down a vicious verse alongside an ol’ friend from my home town of Brighton… MC Graphic Bars, on his debut single Now Let’s See How They Run… It’s a return to our musical roots, spitting venomous words over hardcore drums… on a banging production from our good friend Merlin over in Hamburg, topped off with chisel cuts from the infamous DJ Tones….  We all Rock hard on this one!!!