Up Close & Personal… #Poem

Holly Tree.JPG

People don’t like it when you talk the truth

Cos society has lied to them since their youth

They don’t know their truth from the lies they speak

Cos society has fried em til their brains are weak

And religion doesn’t offer any  Sort of hope

So the people get hooked on drink and dope

What’s good for the pope isn’t good for me

I would rather sit and listen to an ancient tree

When my thoughts are lose I know it as truth

Like the wind of spirit shaking deep at the roots

We can run from the truth but non can hide

Cos truth eats deep at the core inside

Is there space to see

There’s a place to be

For every soul still humble awake and free

Better still for we And humanity

Is there room for the evil that creates misery?

Cos there’s heaven and hell

And level of well

In-between two ears

And the devils as well

If the devil is well then

God must be sick!

If society’s reflects

…a mind full of tricks

Universally so A universe full of woe

Is enough to make a multiverse happy to go

And counteract suffering abuse and more

All the woe laid bare at the earthly core

We summon the light to see in the dark

On the journey that we’re on from the head to the heart.

Remark if you will cos it has to be said

people live their life but spend it all in their head

That the essence of it all is the call of the wild

Where nature picks the colour that combines with her style

Never lacking the know Or emotional need

Cos the essence is herself As the soul that she sees

All she has is the now

Silent winds of the now

Slowly all begin to howl

While an all seeing Owl

Sees the things that we can’t

And the things we say aren’t

Real to our senses

so we dismiss at em arms

Length just to keep our defence intact

God forbid man who has to think as well act

Like he knows it all

Just suppose the call

Is for the better in himself just after the fall

If the truth is in the falling

Let me fall through the floor

Through the levels of our psyche to our earthly core

Getting ready for the rise

And a spiritual lift

Cos I’ve scratched through the surface of a spiritual itch

Now my lyrical pitch

Is in tune with the call

Refreshing to the senses

For I’m sensing it all…


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