Being Human (music video)

I’m pleased with the end result of Being Human,  the time it’s taken to film everyone & edit has been a few months in the making, but worth the effort, completely!  🙂

I love it when a thought becomes manifest.  I set out with the intention of capturing everyday folk on film, just being their unique selves & that’s what comes across in the video… I asked friends & strangers alike to look at the camera for a few seconds, talking with their eyes, cos a look can say so much without words… I feel the faces fit the song perfectly!  This video has people in Glastonbury festival, Bury, Epsom, Nottingham, Tamworth, Brighton, Hamburg & places I’ve never been to in on it…

It’s the perfect B side to the 7″ vinyl, which has been selling well over @

Thanks to all involved in making this a real music video filled with real people, being there real selves.  No BS No Pretence just Being Human.

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