7″ SOUL #vinyl release jam review

After a lot of promotion, organising & preparing… the gig in Brighton went well!

I sold some vinyl in the day to Rarekind Records, met up with a few friends & began to set the room up for the event…  Some folk said they’d come along & didn’t, but hey that’s always the way right!   It was good to have the musical friends I know involved on the night… Thanks to Crespo & Nick for the backing tracks & Barney for doing the sound 🙂

The Jezter  :


Who’s music & style I have the most respect for, smashed a mash up set with visuals to match, always innovative good Hip Hop based beats & rhythms with interesting, witty & wise soundbytes thrown in to add to the stimulus.

DJ Tones :

Showed & proved his skills on the wheels of steel… his Hip Hop history goes 30 years deep… & it shows in the mix!  He got the people dancing & bopping on down to his classic party beats, new & old in his set…  He jumped on the decks for the last two songs in my set & ripped the cuts like a true DJ should!

Graphic Bars took the stage for the first time, in a long time (although you’d never of known that!) A true gentleman until he throws his raps down like a ferocious old school veteran on the mic… He performed a new song off his up & coming debut album, Sport Rapping, due to drop early next year.  We both dropped verses along with Tones on the stage for our collaboration song ‘Now Let’s See How They Run’… (which filmed footage of the performance will be used in our new music video,  we’re filming soon!)

It was good to have support from old & new friends on the night, also great to have my brother & sister-in-law in house!  🙂

My performance felt natural,  knowing the visuals I use now work well with the songs, it feels like I’m not alone up there… The visuals give aid to the lyrics for added stimulus.  I’m glad the night went well.  It’s all about getting up & doing it,  if no one’s booking me for gigs, I’ll do it myself.   I’ve got some things to say & songs to bring man!   No one else I see is doing what I’m doing… & for that I applaud my self.   Word.

The 7″ vinyl has been selling better than I thought!


Next gig is December 10th in Worthing, as part of the Love Music Hate Racism events,  flyers & promotion to come!





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