John Carpenter’s They Live in Bristol

Still one of the most relevant films of the modern age… They Live hits the free radical nerve head on in me!   The gig in Bristol last week was one of deep stimulus, together with full band John Carpenter delivered his signature songs to all his classic horror / sic-fi films, The Thing, The Fog, Halloween, In The Mouth Of Madness, Escape From New York, Big Trouble In Little China as well as my all time fav They Live… All with ease & great effect.  The visual back drop only helped raise the memory & stimulus.

I loved it.   It made me want to continue making music videos’ & working them into the live performance, for the same impact.  I think looking at a rapper on stage is pretty boring, without a band or a DJ behind him, one  performer can get lost in the emptiness of stage… personally with visuals to highlight the lyrics, it makes up for lack of bodies on stage & adds stimulus to the senses…  I’m looking forwards to the next gig.

Thanks John,  for your creative output over the years, you’re a real human being with a great creative mind.  🙂

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