Up Close & Personal… #Poem

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People don’t like it when you talk the truth

Cos society has lied to them since their youth

They don’t know their truth from the lies they speak

Cos society has fried em til their brains are weak

And religion doesn’t offer any  Sort of hope

So the people get hooked on drink and dope

What’s good for the pope isn’t good for me

I would rather sit and listen to an ancient tree

When my thoughts are lose I know it as truth

Like the wind of spirit shaking deep at the roots

We can run from the truth but non can hide

Cos truth eats deep at the core inside

Is there space to see

There’s a place to be

For every soul still humble awake and free

Better still for we And humanity

Is there room for the evil that creates misery?

Cos there’s heaven and hell

And level of well

In-between two ears

And the devils as well

If the devil is well then

God must be sick!

If society’s reflects

…a mind full of tricks

Universally so A universe full of woe

Is enough to make a multiverse happy to go

And counteract suffering abuse and more

All the woe laid bare at the earthly core

We summon the light to see in the dark

On the journey that we’re on from the head to the heart.

Remark if you will cos it has to be said

people live their life but spend it all in their head

That the essence of it all is the call of the wild

Where nature picks the colour that combines with her style

Never lacking the know Or emotional need

Cos the essence is herself As the soul that she sees

All she has is the now

Silent winds of the now

Slowly all begin to howl

While an all seeing Owl

Sees the things that we can’t

And the things we say aren’t

Real to our senses

so we dismiss at em arms

Length just to keep our defence intact

God forbid man who has to think as well act

Like he knows it all

Just suppose the call

Is for the better in himself just after the fall

If the truth is in the falling

Let me fall through the floor

Through the levels of our psyche to our earthly core

Getting ready for the rise

And a spiritual lift

Cos I’ve scratched through the surface of a spiritual itch

Now my lyrical pitch

Is in tune with the call

Refreshing to the senses

For I’m sensing it all…


Video shoot for NLSHTR

New track on the go with rapper Graphic Bars, producer Merlin & DJ Tones.

I drop a venomous verse on a heavy hitting Hip Hop track with my old mate Sam (GB), who’s debut album with Merlin is shaping into an underground monster!

We shot the video down on Shoreham footbridge, under the covers of darkness, with my good woman Charlie,  on hand to assist with the art direction, we got some great footage.  I’ve started the first edit,  now waiting for some footage from the others to add to the mix.

The tracks called Now Let’s See How They Run… & they will after we hit hard with this!

Deliverance back cat vinyl to digital


I’ve started to document & convert all our back catalogue vinyl to digital :


Deliverance never really got the props we deserved in the UK.  It was Europe where most of our fans were based & where we mainly performed.  In the early 90’s we were self-releasing some powerful & original Hip Hop songs.  We were lyrically deep as well as sounding true to ourselves with our native tongue, no fake or forced accents were dared to be spoken!  The samples we used were more progressive than most, always original & the beats were heavy hitting, as well as having a good groove to them… We liked our songs to bang the right brain cells for us & the heads!

Thinking man’s UK Hip Hop, still sounds as nourishing today as it did in ’95.

Record Collector 7″ single review

Very pleased to open Record Collector this morning & see the review… All promotion is good promotion, being an indie artist, I truly understand & appreciate that today!

Ian McCann’s honest review is refreshing to read, refreshing in the way that he’s actually listened to the songs & relaid his thoughts / feelings to the reader, with references to past rap music from the UK… MC Tunes & First Offence,  were artists I didn’t really listened to back in the day,  but today I can see the resemblance… rebellious, punk esq passionate hip hop, which suits me fine!

“A music that is what it is, and doesn’t give a toss for fashion.”  – Lovely line that! 🙂

Thanks to Ian & Record Collector for this.

Vinyl available @



A New Beginning



Every moment of everyday is a new beginning, if we choose it to be!

This song, which I made with producer Crespo, is the 2nd song I perform in my live set and is a song that holds a lot of power in it.

In the current climate of things, globally theirs a lot of unrest, with the UK ‘Brexit’ conservative government in place & now the Trump administrators waiting to take hold of the USA…  Its left a lot of free thinking, free spirit people with fear of our future…  for it doesn’t look too bright, to be honest!

So,  music,  good old music, has a lot to play in keeping the mind in an optimistic state, on focusing on the now, on focusing on the breath (we breathe without thinking!), being alive on a planet that’s spinning in space, being part of this miraculous thing called life and owning the awe of this as the real ‘reality’, as apposed to the mainstream media infused ‘fearful’ state of being… Which is pushed in our faces where every we go in the modern world!

A New Beginning is a testament to this way… and yeah sometimes every moment of every day is about remembering this way…  Optimism is a door in ourselves that requires the owner to hold open, if only to allow some light in.

Even though the song is a few years old,  it’s still brand new to the world, and is a song I want to include in my live set, for one of human optimism, as well as at being a good song! The visuals to the back drop go perfectly with it…

It seems the human way,  in the face of adversity, to keep our spirits high, for the lows can be so overwhelming people get lost down there and don’t surface!

The original music used on A New Beginning which Crespo sampled, was from a Gospel song, originally titled ‘Jesus Is Just Alright’… Funny how a spiritual song, without the word ‘Jesus’ still holds as much power… in reclaiming the moment of life for celebration, perhaps this was an extract from the source, before organised religions got hold of it!  Who knows?

The lyrics go like this…


A New Beginning

Who knows,  what the future holds,  now who knows?

I tell ya that man…

Who knows,  what the future holds, now who knows…?

(you hear me alright?..  Yeah… haha!)

I don’t care what they may say – You know that’s true!

I don’t care what they may do – We know you know!

I don’t care what they may know – You know thats right…

I don’t count alright…

Hey you, We know that’s true,  do what you want make a break make a move

now in-to the groove we go,  intergalactic the magic’s so

How – can you afford to lose,  once you see that you can choose

you’re past and present, this is true,  see your future’s up in view now…


I don’t care what they may say – You know that’s true!

I don’t care what they may do – We know you know!

I don’t care what they may know – You know thats right…

I don’t count alright…

It’s the changing of the tide –

changing minds and changing time –

if you’re sleeping best to wake –

or your soul your sleep will take


Watch the way the rain’ll fall,  and watch the way the fakers fall

Gjve and take but don’t give in,  in this world we’re all living

It’s the changing of the tide,  that’s changing minds and changing time

of you’re sleeping best to wake,  or your soul your sleep will take…

cos who know’s…  what the future holds… now who knows?


Who know’s?  What the future holds,  now who knows!

I don’t care what they may say – You know that’s true!

I don’t care what they may do – We know you know!

I don’t care what they may know – You know thats right…

I don’t count alright…




Being Human (music video)

I’m pleased with the end result of Being Human,  the time it’s taken to film everyone & edit has been a few months in the making, but worth the effort, completely!  🙂

I love it when a thought becomes manifest.  I set out with the intention of capturing everyday folk on film, just being their unique selves & that’s what comes across in the video… I asked friends & strangers alike to look at the camera for a few seconds, talking with their eyes, cos a look can say so much without words… I feel the faces fit the song perfectly!  This video has people in Glastonbury festival, Bury, Epsom, Nottingham, Tamworth, Brighton, Hamburg & places I’ve never been to in on it…

It’s the perfect B side to the 7″ vinyl, which has been selling well over @


Thanks to all involved in making this a real music video filled with real people, being there real selves.  No BS No Pretence just Being Human.

7″ SOUL #vinyl release jam review

After a lot of promotion, organising & preparing… the gig in Brighton went well!

I sold some vinyl in the day to Rarekind Records, met up with a few friends & began to set the room up for the event…  Some folk said they’d come along & didn’t, but hey that’s always the way right!   It was good to have the musical friends I know involved on the night… Thanks to Crespo & Nick for the backing tracks & Barney for doing the sound 🙂

The Jezter  :


Who’s music & style I have the most respect for, smashed a mash up set with visuals to match, always innovative good Hip Hop based beats & rhythms with interesting, witty & wise soundbytes thrown in to add to the stimulus.

DJ Tones :

Showed & proved his skills on the wheels of steel… his Hip Hop history goes 30 years deep… & it shows in the mix!  He got the people dancing & bopping on down to his classic party beats, new & old in his set…  He jumped on the decks for the last two songs in my set & ripped the cuts like a true DJ should!

Graphic Bars took the stage for the first time, in a long time (although you’d never of known that!) A true gentleman until he throws his raps down like a ferocious old school veteran on the mic… He performed a new song off his up & coming debut album, Sport Rapping, due to drop early next year.  We both dropped verses along with Tones on the stage for our collaboration song ‘Now Let’s See How They Run’… (which filmed footage of the performance will be used in our new music video,  we’re filming soon!)

It was good to have support from old & new friends on the night, also great to have my brother & sister-in-law in house!  🙂

My performance felt natural,  knowing the visuals I use now work well with the songs, it feels like I’m not alone up there… The visuals give aid to the lyrics for added stimulus.  I’m glad the night went well.  It’s all about getting up & doing it,  if no one’s booking me for gigs, I’ll do it myself.   I’ve got some things to say & songs to bring man!   No one else I see is doing what I’m doing… & for that I applaud my self.   Word.

The 7″ vinyl has been selling better than I thought!


Next gig is December 10th in Worthing, as part of the Love Music Hate Racism events,  flyers & promotion to come!





John Carpenter’s They Live in Bristol

Still one of the most relevant films of the modern age… They Live hits the free radical nerve head on in me!   The gig in Bristol last week was one of deep stimulus, together with full band John Carpenter delivered his signature songs to all his classic horror / sic-fi films, The Thing, The Fog, Halloween, In The Mouth Of Madness, Escape From New York, Big Trouble In Little China as well as my all time fav They Live… All with ease & great effect.  The visual back drop only helped raise the memory & stimulus.

I loved it.   It made me want to continue making music videos’ & working them into the live performance, for the same impact.  I think looking at a rapper on stage is pretty boring, without a band or a DJ behind him, one  performer can get lost in the emptiness of stage… personally with visuals to highlight the lyrics, it makes up for lack of bodies on stage & adds stimulus to the senses…  I’m looking forwards to the next gig.

Thanks John,  for your creative output over the years, you’re a real human being with a great creative mind.  🙂