Rough Trade / Record Collector


Rough Trade Nottingham now stock 7″ SOUL / Being Human…  I wanted Rough Trade to be the first shop to stock the vinyl,  it’s a shop that represents the independent arts in a very cool way.  The lay out of the shop, decor & vibe is a comfortable one, they cover all styles of music, so my record will feel at home in there!  I’m into music that has original flavours, cutting edge & sonically interesting on the ears ya know… Rough Trade have always represented artists who make just that!

I drove up to Sheffield after Notts to Record Collector,  I wanted to meet the dude who’s had the shop since the 1970’s,  that’s always supported local & underground indie music.  They don’t have much hiphop in the racks, but this record is more indie / electronic sounding that I feel will grab the attention of fans of those genres more than hip hop,  tbh!record-collector-7-wall

#Indie #Electronic #HipHop #LimitedEdition #Vinyl Sales are starting to happen from my band camp site :

It’s nice to have a few fans who’ve supported my work through out the years. I know they know good music!

Next step is to finish the music video for SOUL & release it this weekend, then promote it, along with the vinyl release gig happening next weekend 29th October in Brighton.

No rest for the wicked…..  as the saying goes eh!













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