Promo’s to radio dj’s, music press & promoters…

img_0346It’s the DIY ethos all the way with this release, as has been with previous releases, it just feels a bit closer to home being my first 7″ solo record!

It’s a costly thing, not only the cost of pressing up the vinyl but the mail outs, envelopes, postage, promotional time online & networking, all add up!  Not that I’m complaining, cos I’m not,  just sometimes it’s good to feel like you’re not alone in this game, that’s why I fully appreciate people who share my music & video’s online,  cos without them it’s a pretty hard slog attempting to reach people without the £’s to push art in this world, as I’m sure a few know all about!

I knew that this release will be used mainly as promotion, I wanted to get a copy to all radio dj’s, music press & promoters who play, review & promote good music.  If it get to break even for costs of the record it’ll go directly into the pot for the next record, which I’m already beginning to visualise!  It’s the artist’s path I walk on,  some moments are sheer bliss & enjoyment being able to do what I want to do, other moments are frustrating & disheartening…  thus the artists path!   The thing I have most in is belief in the music & in my abilities to deliver it live.  I’ve seen many artists who’ve managed to reach people on a national level & I’ve often thought, if they can do it, I CAN,  if ya know what I mean!

It’s about making a statement in song & making something No-One has made before now, more than ever before.   Both songs on this record are original, No samples, No breaks, just All original sounds… which I’m proud of.   They stand alone.  As I do.  Working with producers who know their craft , is helping me evolve my song-writing in a way that feels unique to me…  Remarkable,  you know!

SOUL is now online to listen @

I’m uploading both songs to band camp for 7″ vinyl pre-sales as I type… while gathering info / addresses for more promo mail outs.

As Blade said “Forwards with the music, come!”




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