The Good Earth…

DSCN7363.jpg“Everybody rappin’ but they don’t know how, shoulda seen the boy rappin’ to the Cow!” Schooly D was right.    I got more out of making a connection with these cows than I have out of a lot of modern toss!   When nature calls we have to listen.  I spend a lot of my time promoting my music to little or no avail at times.  It’s not a ‘poor me’ script here, it’s just the truth.  So time spent offline & back in the great outdoors is always a rewarding break.  In-between my driving job & time away from home with my missus, we try to remember to re-connect with the Earth & with Nature.  Standing in an occasional Crop Circle or walking around Avebury & rappin’ with these Cows, it does wonders for the mind, body & yeah you know it, Soul.  🙂

Tis a good Earth.


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