7″ SOUL : Vinyl release date 03/10/16

remark-soul-ad1-183x184Received word that the 7″ vinyl should be ready to go for the 3rd October, all going well!

A Side : 7″ SOUL / B Side : Being Human

Featuring DJ Tones / Production by @IronSkinMusic

This gives me enough time to finish filming for 7″ SOUL video,  I plan to reshoot the vocals & give the overall video some psychedelic technicolour’s among some of the gothic b&w shots I’ve got so far…   Being Human video just needs a final edit towards the ending, I’m pleased to have some of my friends, family & strangers I met along the way in this music video, it really is a case of being human!   There’s some genuine moments of inter-connectedness coming through 🙂

I’ll begin a promo / short clip video release two weeks before the vinyl is ready to ship out.

This is an independent artists release,  but I’m using the  Show & Prove Records imprint as the platform to release it.  A limited edition 250 copies only pressing.  I plan to use 50 or so copies for promotional use.  I’ve wanted to hear / see these two unique songs uon vinyl & I’m keen to let DJ’s, music reviewers, promoters & others know of them also!

Like producer Enn Leonard said back in the D.Crew days, “It ain’t final til it’s vinyl!”

#Alternative #Indie #HipHop Don’t stop!

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