They can’t kill Hip Hop!

Hip Hop has been beaten up, tied down, drip fed poison & lied to, ripped off, laughed at & exploited by people who don’t respect or understand it!
The media has always portrayed the essence of the culture to be a passing fad & not to be taken seriously as an actual art form.  From adverts to movies, Hip Hop often gets diluted & watered down into a pulp suitable only for juvenile consumption.   While the true message is suppressed & pushed underground to where only a few stand tall for the culture, trying new things to evolve the art form to a new audience, in an attempt to sway the listeners mis-conceptions of the cash money, bling & BS rap music that’s been promoted by big companies with big PR & $$’s behind them.  Washing brains has always made some people money!
Meanwhile real Hip Hop, when used properly, is still an empowering & powerful art form.
I won’t let the BS in the music industry infiltrate my senses, I know Hip Hop is the people’s voice… “It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at!”, mentally as well as geographically, to quote Rakim on ‘I Know You Got Soul’. He was right, Hip Hop has empowered people worldwide… There’s a quote from a conspiracy doc that goes along the lines of “CORPORATE AMERICA COULDN’T CONTROL HIP HOP, SO IT BOUGHT IT!” That answers a lot.  Hip Hop has taught me to question everything… Because the artists I’ve listened too have been everyday people like you & me!  With the interests of the people at heart, not the money, the success or the fame, but the message, the music, the vibes created in the studio that touch people worldwide.
Music is the Universal language & Hip Hop is the messenger.
No other art-form has as much potentiality to reach others.
The youth are drawn to the culture because it’s exciting, it offers more than just the four elements of DJing, MCing, Breakin’ & Graffiti art,  it offers a lifestyle & mind-state the individual grows into as he or she matures through time.
I was hypnotised by Hip Hop as an 11yr old, now as a 45yr old, I still have love for the culture & for the art form that raised me…  I’m like Hip Hop because I too have a rebellious soul that doesn’t like being told what to do, it grows & learns, on its own terms!
I make music with producers who I feel are original in the their craft & I make videos to match that craft… Insult To Injury is an intelligent reflection of this art form’s message.
Hip Hop has taught me well so I rebel & raise hell, I’m not really bothered about what’s trending or what sells, because I know I have soul, I see through the smoke & mirrors of the mainstream media.  We all should have some level of awareness, we should all have an inbuilt BS detector, cos we’re bombarded by crap daily!  I censor the amount of input I pick up from this toxic society & get it out of me as soon as possible, cos too much BS leads to neurosis in this world!
I won’t support a music industry that promotes ignorance, sexism, machoism, materialism, fear & violence,  an industry that exploits artists until they become puppet-like, lacking creativity, depth & originality.
I will, remain as true to the art form as I am to myself… Remarkable.

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