Making art is an introspective path, drawing from within, listening to the language of the heart can make for original, powerful, innovative & stimulating work.  Once created, it’s then desire is to reach out into the world to re-connect with people, to hopefully inspire in them, what was felt within.   Carl Jung talked about the Inter-connectedness of life, he was right.  It’s never been about the fame or the glory for me, it’s always been about the love & respect for what I’ve created.

These are great times for the independent artist,  now with social media at our finger tips, we can connect with people directly, build on a network without a record company, promotion or financial backing, we can in sense become the masters of our own destiny!

This week I’ve been promoting my recent single / music video with producer Crespo :  https://youtu.be/1CCrOOhftX4 : As well as finishing off two music videos for my solo 7″ #vinyl release next month…  I’m doing all the promotional work.  It does get frustrating, it does get tedious, it does feel like once again I’m alone in a sea full of clones… but damn man, I’m independent, I get to say how I feel with my music, I own my own destiny.  I’m not obliged to change my art for the sake of ‘compromise’ for the sake of sales,  I don’t have to blend with current trends, I get to make what I want to hear, that’s an empowering & incredible place to be.

I’ve recently started a course in clinical Hypnotherapy, to help me cure my long term skin condition, atopic Eczema.  I’ve been going mad at night, stuck into the habitual itch-scratch cycle, that I’ve had on & off since I was a child.  It literally drives me mad, not just the fire in my blood that burns me but the constant discomfort & lack of sleep for me, & my partner!   So I’m going deep within my self with a specialist at hand.  Learning meditative techniques & ways to change my immediate assassinative ways in which I think.  My mind can be very negative, critical & self-destructive, I know it all too well!   Now I’m willing to change, for more peace, positivity, clear skin & healthy sleep.

I am literally looking within to awaken!

(Street art from Glastonbury High St)

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