Insult To Injury on BBC 6Music 19/09/16


Tom Robinson selected (Dark Matter Pt.2) Insult To Injury for his Mixtape which was aired last night on 6 Music :

I’m pleased because I initially thought the song was too deep a hip hop song, musically & lyrically for airplay!   The song has no chorus,  no hook & no gimmicks… Just straight up head nodding hip hop beats, samples, free thinking lyrics as well as organic cuts from DJ Tones…. forging a sound that’s sorely missed these days!   Perhaps that’s why it got chosen.

It’s never about fame or making money, this music malarky, but now & then its good to be appreciated & played to a wider audience, wider than the underground hip hop scene can provide!   The songs I’ve made with producer Crespo are musically very diverse, gathering momentum from indie, psychedelia, soul, funk & gospel genres, creating platforms for me to write original concepts & lyrics too… Our back-cat is purposfully radio-friendly.  Gaining more exposure from 6Music highlights the chemistry we have & the accessibility of our songs.

The task at hand for myself is to continue on-line promotion on all social-media platforms, for Insult To Injury (Dark Matter Pt.2).

I’ve just set up a new Facebook page @

Sending links (including the Mixtape link) to music sites, mags & blogs for reviews…  Along with finishing two video’s for my 7″ #vinyl that’s due to arrive in a few weeks & begin the campaign for that… with live performances along the way….  As well as writing new songs!

Creative, exciting & for-filling times ahead for this independent artist.  🙂

7″ #Vinyl release event… in Brighton!

sat-29th-oct-gig-poster-1I’ve decided to return to my home town for the launch party of my new 7″ vinyl release.

I’m proud to have on board DJ Tones & The Jezter, both of whom I have the most musical respect for, they’re both innovative & inspiring Hip Hop artists.   I’ve also invited a special guest MC along on the night,  someone who’s firing on all cylinders but hasn’t performed live in a long long time!   The night will be a ground breaking, sound shaking, alternative hip hop psychedelic experience!

I’m starting the promotion for it online.  Finalising the live set, leasing with producer Nick Leonard for our re-writing of a new ‘cover’ of a classic (my first!) for the gig,  finishing two music videos & gathering visuals for the event…  Right I better crack on!


The Good Earth…

DSCN7363.jpg“Everybody rappin’ but they don’t know how, shoulda seen the boy rappin’ to the Cow!” Schooly D was right.    I got more out of making a connection with these cows than I have out of a lot of modern toss!   When nature calls we have to listen.  I spend a lot of my time promoting my music to little or no avail at times.  It’s not a ‘poor me’ script here, it’s just the truth.  So time spent offline & back in the great outdoors is always a rewarding break.  In-between my driving job & time away from home with my missus, we try to remember to re-connect with the Earth & with Nature.  Standing in an occasional Crop Circle or walking around Avebury & rappin’ with these Cows, it does wonders for the mind, body & yeah you know it, Soul.  🙂

Tis a good Earth.


7″ SOUL : Vinyl release date 03/10/16

remark-soul-ad1-183x184Received word that the 7″ vinyl should be ready to go for the 3rd October, all going well!

A Side : 7″ SOUL / B Side : Being Human

Featuring DJ Tones / Production by @IronSkinMusic

This gives me enough time to finish filming for 7″ SOUL video,  I plan to reshoot the vocals & give the overall video some psychedelic technicolour’s among some of the gothic b&w shots I’ve got so far…   Being Human video just needs a final edit towards the ending, I’m pleased to have some of my friends, family & strangers I met along the way in this music video, it really is a case of being human!   There’s some genuine moments of inter-connectedness coming through 🙂

I’ll begin a promo / short clip video release two weeks before the vinyl is ready to ship out.

This is an independent artists release,  but I’m using the  Show & Prove Records imprint as the platform to release it.  A limited edition 250 copies only pressing.  I plan to use 50 or so copies for promotional use.  I’ve wanted to hear / see these two unique songs uon vinyl & I’m keen to let DJ’s, music reviewers, promoters & others know of them also!

Like producer Enn Leonard said back in the D.Crew days, “It ain’t final til it’s vinyl!”

#Alternative #Indie #HipHop Don’t stop!

They can’t kill Hip Hop!

Hip Hop has been beaten up, tied down, drip fed poison & lied to, ripped off, laughed at & exploited by people who don’t respect or understand it!
The media has always portrayed the essence of the culture to be a passing fad & not to be taken seriously as an actual art form.  From adverts to movies, Hip Hop often gets diluted & watered down into a pulp suitable only for juvenile consumption.   While the true message is suppressed & pushed underground to where only a few stand tall for the culture, trying new things to evolve the art form to a new audience, in an attempt to sway the listeners mis-conceptions of the cash money, bling & BS rap music that’s been promoted by big companies with big PR & $$’s behind them.  Washing brains has always made some people money!
Meanwhile real Hip Hop, when used properly, is still an empowering & powerful art form.
I won’t let the BS in the music industry infiltrate my senses, I know Hip Hop is the people’s voice… “It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at!”, mentally as well as geographically, to quote Rakim on ‘I Know You Got Soul’. He was right, Hip Hop has empowered people worldwide… There’s a quote from a conspiracy doc that goes along the lines of “CORPORATE AMERICA COULDN’T CONTROL HIP HOP, SO IT BOUGHT IT!” That answers a lot.  Hip Hop has taught me to question everything… Because the artists I’ve listened too have been everyday people like you & me!  With the interests of the people at heart, not the money, the success or the fame, but the message, the music, the vibes created in the studio that touch people worldwide.
Music is the Universal language & Hip Hop is the messenger.
No other art-form has as much potentiality to reach others.
The youth are drawn to the culture because it’s exciting, it offers more than just the four elements of DJing, MCing, Breakin’ & Graffiti art,  it offers a lifestyle & mind-state the individual grows into as he or she matures through time.
I was hypnotised by Hip Hop as an 11yr old, now as a 45yr old, I still have love for the culture & for the art form that raised me…  I’m like Hip Hop because I too have a rebellious soul that doesn’t like being told what to do, it grows & learns, on its own terms!
I make music with producers who I feel are original in the their craft & I make videos to match that craft… Insult To Injury is an intelligent reflection of this art form’s message.
Hip Hop has taught me well so I rebel & raise hell, I’m not really bothered about what’s trending or what sells, because I know I have soul, I see through the smoke & mirrors of the mainstream media.  We all should have some level of awareness, we should all have an inbuilt BS detector, cos we’re bombarded by crap daily!  I censor the amount of input I pick up from this toxic society & get it out of me as soon as possible, cos too much BS leads to neurosis in this world!
I won’t support a music industry that promotes ignorance, sexism, machoism, materialism, fear & violence,  an industry that exploits artists until they become puppet-like, lacking creativity, depth & originality.
I will, remain as true to the art form as I am to myself… Remarkable.



Making art is an introspective path, drawing from within, listening to the language of the heart can make for original, powerful, innovative & stimulating work.  Once created, it’s then desire is to reach out into the world to re-connect with people, to hopefully inspire in them, what was felt within.   Carl Jung talked about the Inter-connectedness of life, he was right.  It’s never been about the fame or the glory for me, it’s always been about the love & respect for what I’ve created.

These are great times for the independent artist,  now with social media at our finger tips, we can connect with people directly, build on a network without a record company, promotion or financial backing, we can in sense become the masters of our own destiny!

This week I’ve been promoting my recent single / music video with producer Crespo : : As well as finishing off two music videos for my solo 7″ #vinyl release next month…  I’m doing all the promotional work.  It does get frustrating, it does get tedious, it does feel like once again I’m alone in a sea full of clones… but damn man, I’m independent, I get to say how I feel with my music, I own my own destiny.  I’m not obliged to change my art for the sake of ‘compromise’ for the sake of sales,  I don’t have to blend with current trends, I get to make what I want to hear, that’s an empowering & incredible place to be.

I’ve recently started a course in clinical Hypnotherapy, to help me cure my long term skin condition, atopic Eczema.  I’ve been going mad at night, stuck into the habitual itch-scratch cycle, that I’ve had on & off since I was a child.  It literally drives me mad, not just the fire in my blood that burns me but the constant discomfort & lack of sleep for me, & my partner!   So I’m going deep within my self with a specialist at hand.  Learning meditative techniques & ways to change my immediate assassinative ways in which I think.  My mind can be very negative, critical & self-destructive, I know it all too well!   Now I’m willing to change, for more peace, positivity, clear skin & healthy sleep.

I am literally looking within to awaken!

(Street art from Glastonbury High St)