Rest in peace Dino Lotscher

While spending most of my performing time in Europe, I’ve met some great people along the way.  Friendly, hospitable & kind music loving people, who become more like family than fans!  It’s sad to say good bye to our producer friend Dino from Oltana / Switzerland. We we’re there when we released our 1st record as Hundredth Monkey.  Dino put us up & played the best host we could have, a real gent.  We laughed hard that night! 🙂

His record collection was full of sound library back-cat vinyl with some great music & breaks!  We collaborated on a few songs, one particular was Naked Apes, which we went on to perform live with Monkey Sons, & name our record label after!   I’ve uploaded the demo @ : When Dino came to Brighton, we went crate digging & hung out around town.  He was a good bloke.  🙂

Rest in peace Dino.


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