I co-create with various producers who’ve been making Hip Hop / Electronic music for over 20 years, each producer is unique & brings a different aspect of myself out with the collaborations we make.

My latest hard-hitting uptempo rap song / music video is called ?Everything  produced by Merlin (Hamburg’s hardest working Hip Hop concerto)


My latest solo 7″ vinyl through our indie imprint Show & Prove Records is available @


I’m in the process of completing the debut album by the hardcore Hip Hop crew Fireball Flingaz alongside rapper / producer Exile from Warped Ethics  https://fireballflingaz.bandcamp.com

I make my own video’s to accompany the songs I make.  Some of which I’m uploading on this site, which is a place for me to write, rant & share thoughts, songs, videos & pics…

For those interested, I’ve been a Hip Hop fan, breaker, writer, rapper, DJ & producer since the early 80’s when Hip Hop culture first reached the UK.

I’ve performed with, collaborated & supported some of the worlds most influential & individual artists.  I’ve used the name Remark as my stage name since 1993,  I was with the Brighton Hip Hop crew Deliverance  https://deliveranceukhiphop.bandcamp.com

I was a member of the psychedelic Hip Hop band the Monkey Sons https://monkeysons.bandcamp.com with producer Crespo from Sons Of The Tribe, as well as with Bandog from Killa Instinct in the Hundredth Monkey crew.

I’ve been making Hip Hop music with producer Merlin in Hamburg with Sublime Wizardry http://www.sublimewizardry.com alongside rapper One Native Son & DJ Tones, we’ve released our own music under our Show & Prove Records imprint, we’ve supported the mighty Public Enemy twice as well as the blastmaster KRS One.

I collaborated with producer The Jezter & singer Kathy Porter on the electronic folk-hop Yew3ree album M.O.T.H.E.R.S.H.I.P  http://www.yew3ree.com/releases/

I co-wrote a down tempo / folk – rap EP with acoustic guitarist Tom Cowin on the Skylark Project   https://hotbakedgoods.bandcamp.com/album/first-offerings

I co-wrote The Journey Is To Last EP with producer Crespo : https://crespoandtheremarkable1.bandcamp.com/album/the-journey-is-to-last & are in the process of completing a release to follow.

I live & work with my partner Charlie Garland who is also an artist & writer.  We co-create together in the musical project, with long time friend & producer Nick Leonard called Sprial Nucleus :


I also write my own music & remixes https://theremarkable1.bandcamp.com 

Welcome to my world…